■Headquarter address

 BYGS Bldg. 5F.
 2-19-1 Shinjuku. Shinjuku-ku Tokyo. 160-0022. Japan

■Date of establishment
 July 1st 1985

 Kenji Ueno

■Numbers of employee

Business Areas

■Embedded Software System Design and Development
 Development Case: Mobile Communications
 Car Electronics
 Other Embedded Systems
■Hardware System Design and Development
■Solutions for Manufacturing industry
 Mastercam, Robotmaster, SOLIDWORKS,
■Application System Design and Development
■IoT Solutions
■ “Cocodayo” — Safety Comfirmation System for Mobile


Head Office
BYGS Bldg. 5F.
2-19-1 Shinjuku. Shinjuku-ku Tokyo. 160-0022. Japan
TEL: +81-3-3357-3044
Yokohama Development Center
Shin-yokohama Mineta Bldg. 3F.
2-3-19 Shinyokohama, Kohoku-ku. Yokohama-shi,
222-0033, Japan
TEL: +81-45-476-1404

Yokohama Development Center Satellite Office
Shin-yokohama Crescendo Bldg. 6F.
2-3-4 Shin-yokohama, Kohoku-ku. Yokohama-shi,
222-0033, Japan
TEL: +81-45-472-2533

Nagoya Branch Office
Nagoya Park Place 5F.
2-13-1 Sakae. Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi,
460-0008. Japan
TEL: +81-52-203-5535

Osaka Branch Office
WAKITA Sakaisujihonmachi Bldg. 8F.
1-7-7 Honmachi, Chuo-ku. Osaka-shi,
541-0053. Japan
TEL: +81-6-6265-5038

Hiroshima Branch Office
Asahi-seimei Hiroshima-higashi Bldg. 5F,
5-5 Higashikaniya-cho, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima-shi,
732-0055, Japan
TEL: +81-82-568-6480

Fukuoka Branch Office
Yunaito Hakata Bldg. 8F.
2-6-28 Hakataeki-higashi, Hakaka-ku. Fukuoka-shi,
812-0013. Japan
TEL: +81-92-452-7605

Corporate philosophy

With our imagination, creativity and technical prowess, we will contribute to society’s continued progress and growth while also helping to build a safe and secure world.
With our outstanding technical strengths, we aim to be our customers’ solution partner.

After our founding in 1985, we built a core business in the design and development of embedded systems for a range of information terminals such as cell phones and PHS, in car navigation and car audio, and others.
Currently, in addition to software development, we have expanded into — a business unit providing integrated systems of hardware and software, our Engineering Solutions business selling [Mastercam] 3D CAD / CAM software renowned for its top global market share.
With the digitization of home appliances and the rapid progress of loT networks, information technology has become a key technology in a wide range of industries. In particular, the mobile communication, communication control, and communication network fields (specialties for us since our founding) are becoming increasingly important as social infrastructure, and the speed and quality of development are demanded even more. To respond to these social demands and the diverse needs of customers, we set our top-priority management goals to be the providing solutions with higher quality and greater speed, and the fostering of responsible, talented staff.
Thus, we will actively further develop and expand our businesses through strengthening our technical skills and through staff training, concentrating on our specialty of information communication with a view towards the ‘IoT’ society. To support that development, we want to be our customers’ system solution partner, aiming to be a company with the ultimate goal of using our outstanding software and hardware technology.


President Kenji Ueno

History of Genetec

Jul. 1985

Genetec Corporation established.

Dec. 1990

Genetec concludes a distributorship agreement with CNC Software, Inc. Also,

Genetec begins sales of 3-D CAD/CAM software – Mastercam in Japan.

Apr. 1998

Osaka Branch Office is opened.


Yokohama Development Center is opened

Jul. 2005

Hiroshima Branch Office is opened.

Nov. 2005

Nagoya Branch Office is opened.

Aug. 2006

Genetec receives ISO9001 certification – quality management system.

Apr. 2007

Fukuoka Branch Office is opened.

Dec. 2010

Genetec receives ISO27001 certification –information security management system.

Nov. 2011

The head office is moved to BYGS Shinjuku Bldg.

Sep. 2015

Genetec begins Safety Comfirmation System “Cocodayo” service.

Aug. 2018

Genetec concludes a distributorship agreement with Flexsim Software Products, Inc. Also, Genetec begins sales of discrete-event simulation software – FlexSim in Japan.

Mar. 2020

Genetec goes public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ market.