We offer embedded-system development for automotive products, digital appliances, and infrastructures, as well as software development for IoT devices, including cloud collaboration. Genetec realizes digital solutions that customers seek with our wide range of proprietary technologies from board design and FPGA design through system architecture design that combines software and hardware.

Software Development

Genetec provides development for a broad range of areas, including embedded systems, Web applications, servers, and the cloud. Our in-house process enables high-quality development through a one-stop software development from requirements analysis to specifications development, design evaluation, and integration.

Hardware Development

We propose and offer optimal systems developed through electronic circuit design, RTL design, board design and equipment development, using state-of-art devices such as embedded-micro computers and high-tech FPGA. Our engineering capability not limited to software development is one of our significant strengths.

Development Category

Here introduces solutions that utilize our many proprietary technology elements.




Iot/M2M Business

The IoT market, where dramatic growth is expected, is a compilation of current IT technologies requiring various technology elements that include networks, the cloud, software development, mobile access, and sensors. In other words, it is an area where Genetec can leverage our accumulated know-how, experiences, and technologies. We offer Surve-i for your IoT growth.

“Surve-i”, an IoT platform

“Surve-i” is an IoT platform provided by Genetec. We provide the elements required for IoT as a platform embracing communication devices, networks, the cloud, and monitoring applications. We constantly evolve by introducing new technologies and know-how, and realize customer needs. Surve-i is available on a cafeteria-style basis where customers can choose the necessary solutions as much as they need.

Actual use cases of Surve-i

・BEMS (Building Energy Management System)
・Industrial pump monitoring
・ID photo booth monitoring
・Solar power generation amount monitoring
・Medical device monitoring
・Parking system
・Security/ Surveillance camera system
・Cloud signage for stores/ commercial facilities